About us

We are a family business, located in Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar, since 1996. At first we began with our posada “La Casita” on a terrain of about 10,000 square meters, on the outer edge of the City. By time we have expanded our business with the creation of the travel agency “Gekko Tours”, with its own fleet of small aircraft.     

Today, we are proud to say, that our name is well renowned in the branch and that we have specialized ourselves in the planning and execution of guided tours to several of the most beautiful sightseeing locations of land in Venezuela. Many of our guests utilize our posada for short stays between their guided tours or to relax. While here, our guests benefit from the fact, that they can leave their baggage in our posada, while they go on a tour. Securely locked away, it is unnecessary, to carry a lot of weight or big bags, making a tour even more fun.

To ensure that our guests enjoy a perfect vacation in Venezuela, we have created a nationwide network with other travel agencies and posadas throughout the country. This allows our guests, to reach and enjoy a trip to pretty much any place of interest for a sightseeing trip.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Venezuela.

Maria Teresa de Rothfuss, Peter Rothfuss & Team


Our Posada is equiped with:

*13 Rooms - all with bathroom, hot water and WC (TV and Minibar optional *Swimmingpool *Restaurant *Mini-Zoo
*Laundry *Internet *Pool-Billiard *Parking
*Free Shuttleservice from the Airport or Bus-Station in Ciudad Bolívar
*TV-Room *Camping *Barbecue

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